Course regulations

  • While playing hole no. 3, hole no. 2 on your right up to the white line (2nd bridge) is out of bounds.
  • The biotope in fairways number: 4,7.8.11 and 17: Playing and entering the biotope which is marked with red poles with green heads is strictly forbidden. Natural boundaries of the biotope- are seen as the boarder. (In the case where the players ball is in the biotope, he or she has to drop a ball, without a penalty shot.
  • The double green from hole 9 and 18 is separated with 2 black poles. In this case players have to play according to rule 25-3 (wrong green).
  • Ornamental shrubs and flowered fences behind green Nno. 2, tees no. 3 and 9 count as immobile barricades.
  • Sand areas in front of green no. 4 and on holes no. 7 and 8 count as waste areas.
  • Distance meter: According to sweepstake management, these instruments are allowd for club tournaments. (Rule 14-3)
  • Interruption of game, in case of danger: One shot for immediate interruption of the game and two shots for re-entry to the game.
  • All bunkers with water count as ground in correction. Players are allowed to take a free drop outside the bunker.
  • In case of embedded balls , the player is allowed to take the ball and clean it without a penalty shot as long as he or she puts the ball, as close as possible back in its original position and, not closer to the flag.


  • It is only possible to rent an E-Cart for one game, 18 holes.
  • In order to be allowed to drive an E-Cart, the driver must be 18 years of age or older. For adolescents under the age of 18 it is strictly forbidden to drive an E-Cart.
  • Players should drive an E-Cart just within the rough. In cases where it is necessary to cross the fairway, players should try to do so at an angle of 90°.
  • It is strictly forbidden to cross greens, tees and bunkers with an E-Cart. Players must park E-Carts a minimum of 10 meters in front of, or besides the green.
  • Only 2 persons are allowed to drive on one E-Cart with 2 bags.
  • Possible damages to E-Carts have to be resolved immediately with the casualty insurance of the person renting the E-Cart.
  • E-Carts at the driving range have to be parked at the parking place allocated to them which are marked, on the road, next to the driving range.

Internal regulations

of Golf club Gut Altentann

1. General Considerations
The internal regulations were formulated and defined by the management of Golf Club Gut Altentann, according to the constitutions of Golf Club Gut Altentann. These internal regulations define the rights and responsibilities of members, the management, the president and staff in general. the internal regulations include usage specificaitons of all club facilities, which are for use by our members.
2. Members *Member categories
Rights and Obligations
2.1. The admittance of anew member has to be accepted by the management.
2.2. Members have the right to invite guests to play at Golf Club Gut Altentann.
2.3. Members, visitors and guests are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the management or persons with authority on the golf course.
2.4. Members are asked to report breaches against those internal regulations of other members or third parties immediately.
2.5. Children who are not playing golf are not allowed to be on the golf course.
2.6. Every member, guest or visitor has to have their own golfbag and clubs with them. One is not allowed to share a golfbag and clubs with another player.
3. Visitors and Guests

3.1. Every guest and visitor is obliged to check in at the office, with their club identification card and register themselves in the guest book. Guests and visitors are reuired to pay the green fee before beginning their game. Green fee players will receive guest identification cards from the offic, which have to be put on the golf bag  visible for our course marshalls to see. The management is allowed to refuse entry to a visitor without reason.

3.2. Visitors have to present their handicap-card at the office. Visitors are only allowwed to play at Golf Club Gut Altentann if they own such a handicap-card. If a visitor is only able to present a playing license card- the office has the right to decide wether permisison to play or not should be granted.

3.3. green fee tickets are solely valid for one game, 18 holes.

3.4. Visitors are obliged to follow the regulations and etiquettte of Golf Club Gut Altentann.

3.5. The club itself has the right to refuse entrance to visitors who are not willing to follow the regulations and etiquette and who behave unnacceptably.

3.6. The green fee ticket will be deducted for visitors who obviously do not play according to their handicap.

4.1. Every authorized user has to respect and follow the regulations of the golf course. Cars have to be parked at the parking area. It is forbidden to park the car on roads or in the immediate vicinity of the club house, nor on the golf course. In case of damage to a car parked in the parking area of Golf club Gut Altentann, the club does not incur any liabilities.

4.2. Players have to make sure that no passengers are hurt or cars are endangered or damaged due to the fact that a public road leads through the golf course.

4.3. Appropriate golf clothing is required on the golf course. Wearing shorts (excluding bermudas), blue jeans and playing with a naked upper body are strictly forbidden.

4.4. Every player has to prearange a tee time. Players are obliged to be on time to their tee time or their thee time will be reduced.

4.5. Animals, including dogs, which are brought by a guest are not allowd to enter the golf course. Dogs have to wait on the terrace in front of the club house.

4.6. It is strictly forbidden to damage club facilities or to take anything away.

4.7. Golfers have to change in the wardrobes which are provided. The club does not incur liabilities for burglary or damages which may come from theft or vandalism or any other such instance.

4.8. The club does not incur liabilities for possible damages to cars which are parked in the parking area.

4.9. Objects or value can be deposited at the office for safekeeping.

4.10. Special provisions, decided by the management, will be posted on the notice board in the foyer. All other notes have to be accepted by the management before they can be posted on  the notice board.
(Abstract Rulebook of  DGV 1992)

Before every shot or every practice shot, it is necessary to make sure that no one is standing too close to the player. This is, in order to avoid any injuries which might incur through clubs, balls or other utensils such as sand, stones or branches, which can be dispersed becuase of a shot.

Consideration of other players:
Competitors of teammates do not position their ball, before the first player who has the honor to, hit the first ball. Opponents or teammates are asked to stand still, not talk or stay close or in direct line behind the ball or hole, while a player is about to hit his or her ball. Because of general interest, flights are asked to play without any unnecessary disturbances to other players. No one is allowed to hit a ball before the flight in front of them is out of reach.

A player who is looking for their ball, is obliged to give a sign to approaching players to inform them, that they can pass the flight which is looking for the bal. This rule pertains to the flight that is not able to find their ball immediately. The flight which is looking for their ball, is allowd to look for 5 minutes before they have to let the other flight pass them. In case of this passage, the flight is allowd to continue the game when the flight in front of them is out of reach. After finishing a hole, the players are obliged to leave the green immediately.

On weekdays flights consisting of 3 or 4 People, are obliged to let smaller flights  pass, however on weekends or public holidays flights consisting of 3 or 4 People have priority.

Flights have to let other flights pass, which are playing 18-holes, if a flight is more than one hole behind the flight infront. They are obliged to let players pass, who are coming after them and are waiting.
Preservation of greens:
(Flagstaffs, golf bags etc) Players have to ensure, that the greens and the holes are not damaged during the process of placing a golf bag,  returning a flagstaff or by  picking up a golf ball. It is forbidden to pick up a ball by using golf club. Flagstaffs have to be put back correctly, before leaving the green. Greens must not be damaged while players are picking up a ball or leaning on their putter.

Divots, pitch marks, spikes:
Players are obliged to put divots back immmeiately after the shot and press them down, except on thees. Damages which are incurred due to the contact with a ball and pitch marks ahve to be corrected carefully. Every golfer is obliged to carry a pitch fork with him/her. For correcting pitch marks players are obliged to use only pitch forks.

Practice swings:
During practice swings, players should avoid damaging the golf course, especially the tees.

Practice swings beside the tees are allowed and damages should be avoided.
Golf carts:
Regulations using caddy carts have to be followed. They are visible in the carts. The 90° rule needs to be especially followed.

Garbage has to be thrown into the provided garbage cans. It is strictly forbidden to leave garbage or any other waste material on the golf course.
The following penalties can be imposed on people who do not follow the internal regulations:

Written or oral warning
Censorship through management
Temporary exclusion
Course prohibition for guests and visitors
Denial of green fee

Only pros emplyed by the management are authorized to give golf lessons.

Pros are obliged to advise their students of etiquette and behavior standars on the golf course.

9.1. The caddie master is responsible for employing and training caddies.

9.2. Caddies are not allowed to sell balls or other such merchandise and equipment. Furthermore, caddies are not allowed to provide golf lessons.

9.3. Inadeqacies relating to caddies have to be reported immediately.

Regulations for thunder storms

1 shot: immediate interrruption of the game.
2 shots: cancellation of game

Safety buildings:

Club house: Holes: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9
Tee 11: Holes 10,11,12,13, and 14
Tee 17: Holes 15,16,17 and 18