Tournaments May and June 2017

Henndorf Championship TournamentRegister via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comMay 6th, 2017
1st Schöllerbank Golf Rallye 2017Register via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comMay 8th, 2017
1st Gent’s AfternoonRegister via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comMay 10th, 2017
Raiffeisen After Work Golf CupRegister via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comMay 18th, 2017
Volvo World Golf ChallengeInvitational Tournament
May 20th, 2017
1st Gentlemen’s FoursomeOnly for members of the Gentlemen’s Division
May 24th, 2017
1st Peter Hahn Ladies Golf CupInvitational Tournament of Peter Hahn TrophyMay 30th, 2017
BMW Golf TrophyInvitational TournamentJune 2nd, 2017
Senior’s RallyeJune 6th, 2017
2nd Gent’s AfternoonOnly for members of the Gentlemen’s DivisionJune 7th, 2017
Wallersee-TrophyRegister via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comJune 10th, 2017
2nd Schöllerbank golf rallye 2017Register via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comJune 12th 2017
2nd Peter Hahn Ladies TournamentInvitational Tournament of Peter Hahn TrophyJune 13th, 2017
“Summer in Altentann”Register via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comJune 17th, 2017
“Strawberry” TournamentInvitational TournamentJune 20th, 2017
2nd Raiffeisen After Work TournamentRegister via e-mail: office@gutaltentann.comJune 22th, 2017
Sheraton Salzburg TournamentInvitational TournamentJune 24th, 2017
Gent’s FoursomeOnly for members of the Gentlemen’s DivisionJune 28th, 2017
24 hours Golf ChallengeJune 30th, 2017 to Juli 1st, 2017