Mid-Am Ladies Team 2017:

  • Captain: Linde Kaforka
  • Sonja Woerle
  • Catarina Hofmann
  • Judith Floimair
  • Stefanie Hörmann
  • Joyce Rohrmoser
  • Kuki Paulini
  • Ulla Bilowitzky

Achievements 2016:
7th Place at National Championship (Div 2B)
Senior-Ladies: 8th Place at the National Championship (Div 1)

Mens Team 2017:

  • Team Captain: Joachim Fritz
  • Nik Althammer
  • Christoph Ressel
  • Felix Förster
  • Julius Oppermann
  • Niki Zimmermann
  • Nick Mannie
  • Hans-Günther Löckinger
  • Tony Peregrine

Achievements 2015:
4th Place at the National Championship (Div 4B)

Senior Team 2017:

  • Captains: Franz Grössinger and Josef Gruber
  • Eduard Ballnik
  • Sepp Holzer
  • Franz Wiener
  • Johannes Huber
  • Thomas Kahl
  • Peter Rosenstatter
  • Hans Stöllinger
  • Josef Wörndl
  • Klaus Zyla

Achievements 2016:
4th Place at the National Championship (Div. 4B)
4th Place at the Masters-National Championship (Div. 2B)

Ladies Team
Thursday 16:00 – 17:30

Men´s Team
Thursday 18:30 – 20:00

Golf course

This 18-hole golf course is the first golf course to be designed by Jack Nicklaus on the European continent. According to Jack Nicklaus it was a pleasure to design and build this course due to its beautiful and optimal environment which has enabled us to offer as high quality international golf course.