We are specialists for callaway clubs

Our partner Callaway is one of the worlds top brand names in the Golfing industry. They provide excellent equipment for players at every level of the game. My experience working with this company is only positive and their standards and reliability fit perfectly with what we expect in our Academy.

Our academy is qualified to professionally fit and sell Callaway products and we are proud to be able to provide a reliable all-round service with a top quality product.
We offer:

  • Driver und Club Fitting mit TRACKMAN PRO Radar technology
  • Wedge Fitting with TRACKMAN spin and tilt axis measurements as well as an on site Lie und Loft adjustment machine
  • Putter Fitting with Science and Motion Putt Lab Technology (SAM)


Our workshop services offer:

  • Grips
  • Repairs
  • Lie and Loft Adjustments


Wir helfen Ihnen beim Auswechseln der Spikes und allen anderen kleinen und großen Dingen, die für die Runde wichtig sind. Unser Angebot umfasst, was Golfer brauchen – egal ob Einsteiger oder Single-Handicapper.

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