A wonderful environment and optimal external conditions

Gut Altentann then and now

This 18 hole golf course was the first golf course to be designed by Jack Nicklaus on the European Continent. According to Jack Nicklaus it was a pleasure to design and build this course. The perfect and ideal landscape enabled him to create a high quality international golf course. To quote Jack Nicklaus “… this course is an accomplishment in golf architecture”. As you discover this course, it is noticeable to see that he put all his passion, knowledge and his three unique design criteria into the design and development of this course.

You will see after having played the golf course how well he followed his ideas.
Historically the area surrounding the golf course is mentioned first  in 785 AD. In the 17th century a castle was erected and after its unfortunate decay, due to financial problems, it finally burned down in 1680. At the exact location of where the castle once stood, now stands the clubhouse, originally built in 1782.

In search for excellence!

This project was accomplished with a great vision which included determination and commitment  with Salzburg, the festival city, which is a platform for art and culture at an international level. With this project a large gap was closed which Salzburg obtained due to its reputation.

Golf Club Gut Altentann presents international standards for a high quality of life. We provide our club members with an intimate, sport and leisure atmosphere in a variety of ways. The attractive, natural environment offers diversification in the summer and winter seasons such as:  sailing, surfing, hunting, skiing and ice skating. Additionally the Austrian Open in 1990 and 1992 were held at our golf club. The course record is 62 shots and is held by Ire Des Smith, which was played at the Austrian Open in 1990. (-10 below par)

For this reason Golf club Gut Altentann represents a center for outstanding leisure possibilities which supports the goals of challenging sport possibilities, recreation and relaxation. Gut Altentann is a natural community, which includes international friends of golf in the heart of Europe.

Club house

The History of the area Gut Altentann began in 785 AD where a 17th century castle was constructed and stood. After its unfortunate decay, due to a lack of money and funding, it finally burned down in 1680. At the exact location of where the castle once stood, the club house of Golf club Gut Altentann was built and still stands today.